MI Super Bass Wireless Review

Xiaomi enters into the on-ear headphones market with the Mi Super Bass Wireless.
(Updated on September 15, 2021)





Box Contents


Mi super bass in red no.2


  • ~20 hrs of playback time

  • Can be used Wired

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Voice Assistant control

  • Decently comfortable

  • Avaiable in Red/Gold colour

  • Mic quality is average

  • Bass leaks into highs and mids at high volume

  • 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable

  • Charging cable

Our Conclusion

The device does come in a decorative box. The fact that the headphones can be used wirelessly and wired is a great and welcome addition. Also comparing the range of Bluetooth connectivity of these headphones to others in this price segment is great. The ability to skip tracks is also welcome.

The headphones are a go-to if you want a device where you get relatively good quality and you really want to own a pair of on-ear headphones as well. They also come in two different colourways.

What made MI Super Bass Wireless exceptional when they came out?

MI Super Bass Wireless Headphone Review

The price that the device was released at and the highlights it had was what made it stand out amongst the competition. It does allow you to use Voice Assistant as well. One feature that we like a lot is that the headphones can be used wired and well, it does provide the cable that allows you to do this, which is amazing.

Another Wired alternative is the Boat 900 bassheads that is also an On-ear model.

How’s the Build Quality of the MI Super Bass Wireless?

Mi super bass buttons

The build quality is pretty good. It is made out of mid-grade plastic at best. But because of the material, naturally, it does feel a bit flimsy. Not as good as the JBL Tune 500BT but still good. When adjusting the earcups, it does give a clicky sound which sounds somewhat satisfying.

They do have relatively good foam material as padding for the headrest and the same for the earcups. That being said you have to be pretty careful, so as to not apply rough force onto the device, it may cause it to break or cause some damage at least.

Coming to the looks and design of the headphones, they do look like a premium device despite having priced quite competitively. The inside of the earcups does have the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ symbol imprinted, which makes it convenient in certain situations.

On the right earcup, this is where you’ll find all the necessary buttons that you will need to control what the device does. On the bottom part of the right earcup is the micro USB port and also a 3.5mm port. Putting that aside, we have 3 buttons, the first allows you to turn the device on/off. And the other two are for controlling the volume. You can also use the volume buttons to skip/replay songs.

How do they feel when worn?

Mi super bass in red

When it comes to comfort, it does fairly well in this regard. The foam padding on the headband and the earcups makes the experience quite pleasant.

You could comfortably keep them on for an hour or two. But you start to feel the heat on your ears after a certain time period, which is the case for almost all headphones. There is some tilt adjustment for the earcups and the earpads, the foam padding specifically, is removable as well.

How’s the Battery Life of the MI Super Bass Wireless?

Mi super bass left

Using these headphones for a day or two on a single charge is possible. After all, it does claim to have a battery life of about 20 hours but realistically expect about 14-15 hrs. It takes roughly 2 hours to fully charge. A typical user listens to music about 1-2 hrs in a day or at least in a stretch.

Be sure to take breaks between music listening sessions. Also, avoid listening to music with high volume for extended periods of time

How do the MI Super Bass Wireless sound?

Mi super bass left no.2

The 40 mm drivers do get the job done competently. Bigger drivers are capable of producing sounds more accurately when compared to smaller drivers.

They come with Bluetooth version 5.0 which improves the range of the connection and it does do that really well and significantly. It does not disconnect even when you are fairly away from the device that it is connected to, which was rather impressive.

The other models in this price segment tend to be of lower performance. They do live up to their given name, “super bass”, the emphasis on the bass or lows is definitely greater when compared to highs a.k.a. treble and mids a.k.a. vocals. It does tend to drown out or overpower the mids and highs which is a shame. It leaves the mids and highs to be pretty mediocre.

How’s the Microphone?

Mi super bass in red no.2

These headphones come with an integrated microphone. You can answer calls with them but it does tend to pick up a significant amount of background noise. The people on the other side of the call may find your voice to be unclear and muffled. So we don’t recommend taking calls on this unless you can’t help it.

How’s the Noise Cancelling on the MI Super Bass Wireless?

Mi super bass right

These pair of headphones do not come with active noise cancellation but due to the foam padding, coupled with the sound of the music they can provide a pretty quiet experience. This phenomenon is also called passive noise isolation. So you are barely going to be able to hear what’s happening around you.

Who’s the closest competitor?

A couple of great competitors to the MI Super Bass, which are also on-ear headphones, is the Blaupunkt BH01 and the boAt Rockerz 450. In terms of sound quality, the Blaupunkt and boAt Rockerz 450 outperforms the MI headset. And since they are both priced lower it does make it fairly more appealing to us consumers.

Though when it comes to battery life the MI headset has them beat.

Here is why you should consider buying the MI Super Bass Wireless

The MI Super Bass Wireless headphones are a great budget-friendly set of on-ear headsets. The features that it offers at this price is simply put, amazing. The wired/wireless experience, the Bluetooth 5.0 performance and much more. You can also connect two headsets with the same phone.


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