Can Headphones be Repaired

Yes, yes they can.

Headphones come in a wide range of prices, some affordable and some that make you question if they’re made out of gold.

What if you have a pair of headphones that you really like and have spent a lot of money on, but you find that they don’t work as well as they used to or don’t work at all, should you just throw them away and buy a new pair?

Well, a few other options could potentially fix them. Headphones break rather effortlessly, a slight force on the wrong places and you’re bound to encounter a problem sooner or later.

Isolating the Problem

3.5 mm Audio Jack

This is the most common issue faced by wired headphone users. If the audio isn’t consistent then try turning the audio jack while it’s plugged in, if there is a change in the audio output or if it goes dead silent at any point then you have successfully found the issue.

These can be easily fixed by professionals and shouldn’t cost much either. Unless they have to completely replace it then it might cost more.

Earpiece Damage

If the sound comes out from just one earpiece, either only left or only right, then chances are that the drives within are at fault.

This is caused by several reasons; physical damage, water or dust accumulation, etc. Getting them repaired might be a little pricey compared to fixing other problems.

Cable Damage

Ever tried holding the cable a certain way when on-call or playing a game because you knew that if you moved it, ever so slightly, the audio would disappear. Tried to tear it to pieces a couple of times, failed. Yeah, I’ve been there too.

Turns out it was the cable testing my patience. I guess it was just trying to tell me that it’s time to get it repaired or replaced.

Connectivity Issues

If you have a pair of Bluetooth aka wireless pair of headphones then getting them fixed professionally is the best course of action and we recommend it. Attempting to fix them yourself could be daunting.

But wait, a failed circuit board isn’t an easy task to fix and the stores will surely try to charge a lot of money, that is if they agree to fix it in the first place.

Other Issues

Let’s say if you lost your in-ear headphone’s eartip or the foam from your over-ear headphones is deformed. You can find the replacements for them by searching online.

It’s important to notice these things early on so that they don’t hurt you physically.

Get your Headphones Repaired Professionally

You may have known about the electronics/audio repair shop around your residence or similar stores. Most of these places are perfectly capable of restoring your precious headphones to a usable condition.

If you don’t know the locality well, ask around you will usually find someone who knows and then ask them for directions.

Some of them might not offer these services for many reasons, but it is certainly better to try to find them rather than sulking over your headphones.

As for the price they charge, it depends, like most things. Minor fixes like soldering shouldn’t cost much, for the major ones like replacing your headphone jack, physical damage, water/dust damage may cost more.

But hey, you can bargain and get yourselves a better deal. I wish had some tips for when you decide to bargain but I’m terrible at it.

For an expensive pair of headsets, getting them repaired this way is considerably cheaper than buying a brand new pair.

Repair them Yourself

Note: This should be attempted only if you have prior experience with the tools required for the job. You also qualify if you see yourself as a person who likes to tinker with electronic devices. Have fun!

Now if there aren’t any electronic stores around you then this is the other option and it involves getting your hands dirty.

First, you must determine where the problem exists. In most cases, you’d find one of these to be the issue:

  • The 3.5mm audio jack/plug
  • The Earpiece/s
  • The Cable

If it is, you’re good to go as these can be fixed with the following method. I understand this can be daunting so we got you covered. Now if you’re determined to fix them, let’s get going.

Fixing the 3.5mm Audio Jack by Yourself

Fixing the Bluetooth Circuit Board by Yourself

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