Boat 900 headphones review

And the ‘boAt’ keeps rocking!
(Updated on September 15, 2021)





Box Contents


boat bassheads 900 black scaled


  • Thumpy Bass

  • Flexible, Portable and Lightweight

  • Ergonomic design

  • White variant is costlier

  • Bass is overpowered at high volumes

  • Warranty card

Our Conclusion

Boat is quite a recent company but it has become quite prominent in India for the quality of its products and how competitively they are priced.

The Boat 900 on-ear headphones are a budget model too, the build quality is good; clear and thumpy bass’, adequate vocals and clear highs for sound quality. Overall they serve a great need for budget-conscious consumers that want an on-ear device that offer great utility.

Other than this there isn’t much to say about the Boat 900 bassheads, they are simple, value for money on-ear headphones that deliver all the right benefits.

How’s the Build Quality of the Boat 900 like?

boat bassheads 900 front

At first glance, they don’t look like much but looking around them a few times and it doesn’t seem like Boat cheaped out on the materials all that much. The build is definitely plastic, there’s no denying or getting around that fact. Though, the plastic doesn’t feel poor but feel sturdy and strong.

The grill of the earpieces/earcups does contain metal be it lightweight; which is a neat addition. Now coming to the headband, the quality of the neckband is wonderfully crafted. And designed in a way that should meet and deliver high measures of comfort. The headband can be adjusted to suit your head size, no surprise there.

The inner part, the part that’s only visible when adjusting the band, contains a thin metal strip to improve and aid its structure. The cable is composed of rubber coating on the outside; by extension, the 3.5mm jack is made of metal with grooves in it and feels solid with a spring attached to it. The cable has an in-line microphone and a button to answer calls and control music as well.

How’s the Look and Feel of the Boat 900?

Boat 900 headphones review

Holding the Boat 900 in hand, despite being a majorly plastic body and some metal parts to improve its structural integrity; it does feel like I’m holding a device that’s of greater quality.

I guess that’s partly because the initial price of the device was much higher and the materials used were meant to signify that. But the same device with the same materials is offered to us at a discounted price. The headband feels nice and comfy with a foam interior and synthetic leather cover all over it.

The same foam and leather combination is used for the earcups’ padding. Though the foam used for the earcups feels much denser. They offer two colour variants, namely white and black. Unfortunately, the variants are priced differently.

boat bassheads 900 white

Coming back to the thought put into the earcup design, they can be folded and adjusted in every way possible. The entire device is relatively small so you should be able to easily fold and throw them in your backpack and carry them wherever making them pretty portable.

The boAt logo is imprinted on both sides of the headband; so there isn’t overuse of the logo. Upon wearing the headphones, since these are on-ears they mustn’t put too much pressure on our ears. Safe to say that the amount of pressure isn’t unbearable but quite satisfactory. 

Microphone quality

boat bassheads 900 black angled

The rubber cable has an in-line microphone along with one-button control. This allows you to answer or reject calls, play or pause music and skip/rewind tracks.

The audio captured by the microphone does contain background noise especially in noisy surroundings but is quite reduced in a quiet room. Human speech is recognizable and can be understood though it could be better. Taking calls shouldn’t be an issue at all. However, refrain from using them while gaming. Overall it’s good enough.

Sound quality of the Boat 900

boat bassheads 900 worn

On-ears devices sometimes struggle to provide adequate sound output but that’s not the case for the Boat 900 on-ear headphones. They form an ample seal on your ears and the combination of the bass, mids and highs creates a pleasing environment for you to enjoy your music.

The bass is sufficient enough to compliment the highs and mids. The mids aren’t as bright as we would like them to be but they are enough. As for the highs they aren’t crystal clear but sharp, not to the point of irritation. Overall the sound signature is interesting and can be enjoyed by anyone.

The 40mm drivers do get the job done as they should. There is some sound leakage, particularly at high volumes but that’s to be expected from on-ear devices. At higher volumes, the bass does overpower the mids and highs; this is the theme of the ‘Bassheads’ line-up.

How does Boat 900 compare to its competitors?

The competition for this device is the Sony MDR-ZX110A which only competes with it in price. When it comes to features, the Boat 900 wins in every aspect. From the build quality to the sound quality. So there isn’t much competition, to begin with, Boat easily dominates there.

Who is the Boat 900 for?

If you have never used a set of on-ear headphones before, and you want to experience them then you couldn’t go wrong with picking the Boat 900 bassheads. A great set of headphones for casual music listening.


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