Best Wireless Neckband Earbuds of 2022

Stylish and practical.
(Updated on January 25, 2022)

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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z blue 1


  • Battery: 20 hrs

  • Sturdy build

  • IP55 sweat and dust resistant

  • Supports Warp charging

  • Maintains stable connection

  • Decent sound quality

LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7

LG Tone Flex HBS XL7 angled


  • Battery: 10 hrs

  • Quick charging support

  • Smart assistant

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Sound quality

  • Earbuds sometimes don't retract fully

  • No aptX, only AAC

Realme Buds Wireless Pro

realme Buds Wireless Pro ANC Green 1


  • Battery: ~17 hrs

  • Decent active noise cancellation

  • Good sound quality

  • Transparency mode

  • Quick charge

  • Mic quality is okay

  • Control buttons are too close together

House of Marley Uplift 2 Wireless

House of Marley Uplift II Wireless


  • Battery: 10 hrs

  • Eartips that are angled

  • Made with recycled materials

  • A powerful treble response

  • Clear mic performance

  • Large battery housing

  • Lag between audio and video

  • Bass lacks power

Huawei FreeLace

Huawei FreeLace


  • Battery: 12-13 hrs

  • USB-C, quick charging

  • IPX5 water-resistance

  • Excellent mic quality

  • Plug-and-pair support for some Huawei phones

  • Charges from a smartphone

  • The fit is okay

  • Lacks multipoint connectivity

  • aptX is not supported; only AAC and SBC

Plantronics BackBeat Go 410

Plantronics BackBeat GO 410


  • Batter;y: 7+ hrs

  • Dual-mode ANC

  • Magnetic sensors save battery life when locked

  • Wired listening option

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • BackBeat app

  • Clothes brush against the microphone

  • Decent noise isolation

Consider them to be the perfect solution for someone who wants earbuds without the hassle of an auxiliary cord or wires.

The benefits of these Bluetooth earbuds range from improved sound quality, improved security, and improved comfort. But given their versatility in size and shape, their appeal is more widespread, reaching consumers across a variety of needs.

There are at least two key points of difference between Wireless Neckband Earbuds and true wireless earbuds. They are only capable of being worn in the neck, not behind the head. The second key difference is that you will have to live with wires if you would like to use Wireless Neckband Earbuds for running, working out, or other strenuous activities.

Many Wireless Neckband Earbuds utilize micro USB charging, which is easily accessible and won’t require any further investment on your part. Some even offer USB-C charging capability.

Listeners who aren’t ready for true wireless earbuds or find conventional wireless earbuds clunky can benefit from neckband earbuds.

The best wireless neckband earbuds are available on the market. They can be purchased at different prices, but it is best to buy an affordable pair of headphones that meets your needs instead of getting a high-end pair that is expensive but may not be the most practical choice.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z – 8.2

It’s appropriate that OnePlus offers a wireless solution since its 7 and 7 Pro devices don’t have a headphone jack. Magnetic housings enable autoplay and pause on the Bullets Wireless Z earbuds that sport a sleek neckband.

Because the earbuds are IP55-rated, you can use them comfortably during exercise. As a bonus, the company offers various eartips to customize the fit, so you can listen comfortably for extended periods. One of the best things about these earbuds is their long battery life. In terms of playback time, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z offers 20 hours of continuous playback.

A quick charge of only 10 minutes gives you the ability to play for up to ten hours. Despite not having the finest audio quality, these are fine for casual listening, and the incredible battery life makes them ideal for wearing all day. You may want to consider the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z if you want affordable earbuds with long battery life and water resistance.

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LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7 – 7.8

If you are looking for great sound quality and a premium package, the LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7 is the headset for you. Though it lacks aptX compatibility, the headset’s 32-bit DAC allows it to upsample audio files, so a poor-quality file sounds quite good. All music genres will benefit from the drivers’ neutral sound.

Since the neckband is very flexible, you can twist it all over, as well as place it in a bag, as needed. A dedicated button for the Google Assistant can be found on the band’s neckband. By pulling the earbuds out as far as they will go and releasing them, you can retract them, but occasionally they may not retract completely.

With the USB-C cable, charging it for 10 minutes provides 3 hours of playtime. The battery life is relatively good at about 10 hours. Furthermore, Bluetooth multipoint lets you connect to two devices at a time, allowing for greater productivity.

Realme Buds Wireless Pro – 7.8

Does the realme buds wireless pro deliver on its claims of active noise cancellation?

With the Buds Wireless Pro, Realme has created a next-generation earbud design that’s similar to its predecessor, the Realme Buds wireless, and incorporates a sleek look into a stylish neckband. The control buttons are located on the left side of the neckband. Black is the neckband’s base colour, but the yellow cable connecting the earpieces to the band really makes a statement.

In addition to being tangle-free, it is also rubberized. Another colour option is green. Because the device is comprised of robust materials, it is durable and portable, so it can be thrown in your pocket without fear of damage. There is a separation between play/pause and volume buttons, making it possible to accidentally push the wrong one.

The button next to it allows you to switch between active noise cancellation, transparent mode, low-latency gaming mode, and so on. The magnetic earpieces turn on/off automatically based on whether they are connected. There is a good level of sound quality, but the modes of the in-ears affect it and give it additional nuances.

The codecs supported include LDAC, SBS, and AAC. ANC turned off gives 22 hours of playtime and ANC on gives about 16 hours of playtime.

House of Marley Uplift 2 Wireless – 7.6

This neckband is a bit awkwardly designed but offers a great sound for an affordable price.

The Uplift 2 Wireless comes in recycled packaging. Along with the Uplift 2 Wireless earbuds, you’ll also find a drawstring pouch and three pairs of eartips. Finished with 100% wood panels and FSC-certified, the earbud housing looks and feels great. Cables are connected to the aluminium housing by a cloth cable that is moulded into it.

As with the wooden panelling, the House Of Marley logo is branded on the battery. Despite the angled earpiece extending from the housing, the package’s silicone eartips do not isolate sound well, but they sit comfortably on the ear. You should consider buying custom eartips to improve sound quality and isolation.

A traditional in-line microphone and remote are located on the left side of the cable. Despite its intuitive layout, it occasionally lags when operating. Quick double taps on the remote when skipping tracks are easily perceived as commands to increase the volume.

The House of Marley Uplift 2 Wireless earbuds are not compatible with aptX or aptX HD codecs. When it comes to portability and sound quality, the House of Marley Uplift 2 Wireless is an excellent choice.

Huawei FreeLace – 7.6

There’s no denying the FreeLace is an upgrade from the Free Buds.

With its neckband design and USB-C port, Huawei FreeLace lets you charge your compatible smartphones on the go. It is specifically designed for Huawei smartphones.

FreeLace requires that your phone support EMUI 9.1 or later to fully utilize its HiPair technology, which will pair these earbuds with your smartphone when connected via USB-C. However, the FreeLace is an option for anyone, and the lightweight design combined with the excellent mic and sound quality make them compelling.

An indistinguishable red line marks the area where the USB-C cable emerges from the right side of the neckband. Though favoured by bass frequencies and lacking high-quality codec support, the neckband design and sound quality are surprisingly clear and enjoyable.

Although the material of the eartips allows for a half-decent fit, the battery life falls short of Huawei’s grand 18 hours claim. On the other hand, FreeLace might hold more promise if you were disappointed by last year’s FreeBuds.

Plantronics BackBeat Go 410 – 7.5

Noise cancellation at a pretty affordable price is yours with the BackBeat Go 410 neckband headphones.

The BackBeat Go 410s from Plantronics are noise-cancelling neckband earbuds that come at an affordable price. It offers water-resistant construction and satisfactory noise cancellation. Based on environmental noise, the earphones are capable of adjusting to either Low Noise mode or High Noise mode. Initially, you might think it’s a gimmick, but it’s actually quite effective.

It’s best not to activate your noise cancellation system when exercising outside or taking a walk on a busy street. BackBeat Go 410 allows you to switch from battery-operated listening to wired listening when the battery runs out of juice. The headset also allows quick charging.

With these earbuds, you’ll be able to listen to music for over seven hours. You can plug the cable into the 3.5mm jack on your phone or use a dongle if you need to. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides a range of roughly 30 meters.

Despite only supporting SBC codecs, connectivity is stable with these earbuds. A lag in audio-visual performance can occur when streaming video. There are very few compromises to be made with this product.

Noteworthy Mentions

Jlab JBuds Band – The Jlab Jbuds Band is the device you need if you need portable headphones with you at all times. There has been great feedback from users regarding the EQ modes and the great audio quality when attending calls.

Jaybird X4 – While performing slightly better and costing slightly more than Tarah, Jaybird X4 headphones don’t disappoint.

Beats Flex – These earbuds are similar to BeatsX in both design and features. The earbuds have an impressive 12 hours of battery life, good sound quality, auto-pause functionality, and magnetic earpieces. There is also the W1 chip, a predecessor to Apple’s H1 chip. Additionally, they are reasonably priced.

1More Dual Driver ANC Pro – Having a wired listening option is a great asset when you don’t want to depend entirely on Bluetooth. With the 1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro, you can plug in for wired listening anytime And for the price, it delivers solid noise cancellation.

Huawei FreeLace Pro – A perfect choice for those who want the convenience of wireless earbuds, but with above-average battery life. True wireless earphones are usually more delicately designed than this device is. Featuring an IP55 rating and a battery life of up to 24 hours, this headset is ideal for athletes. If you want ANC and sound quality at a reasonable price.

Jabra Elite Active 45e – The Elite Active 45e workout earbuds allow outside noise to enter while still remaining in the ears, making them a good alternative to bone conduction headphones.

Sony WI-1000XM2 – ANC earbuds fans will enjoy these earbuds since they are more portable than Sony’s ANC earbuds. Good battery life is provided by this headset. With a compatible service and device, this headset can play high-resolution audio as it supports aptX, aptX HD, and LDAC codecs.

Sennheiser Momentum HD1 – Despite not having the latest charging technology, these earbuds offer the same amazing sound quality. They’re a great choice for anyone looking for something chic and timeless.

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