Best Waterproof Headphones for Swimming in India (2022)

If you’re planning for a recreational trip to the beach, poolside, or a relaxing day on the boat – waterproof headphones will surely come in handy.
(Updated on January 25, 2022)

Quick Comparison






Sony NWWS413LM

Sony NWWS413LM


  • Battery: 12 hrs

  • 4GB of storage

  • Quick charge feature

  • IPX8 water resistance

  • Built-in MP3 player

  • Intuitive controls

  • Getting used to fit takes time

Pyle Mp3 Player Bluetooth Headphones

Pyle Mp3 Player Bluetooth Headphones PSWP28BK


  • Battery: 10 hrs

  • IPX8 water resistance

  • Built-in MP3 player

  • 8GB storage

  • Excellent sound quality

  • Comfortable, secure fit

  • No support for Apple file formats

  • Relatively small control buttons

Finis Duo

Finis Duo


  • Battery: 7 hrs

  • Open-ear (Bone conduction) design

  • IPX8 water resistance

  • Built-in MP3 player

  • 4GB storage

  • Underwater use is limited to 30 minutes

  • Attaching them to goggles may be a challenging




  • Connectivity: Wireless

  • Battery: 12-14 hrs

  • IPX8 water resistance

  • Magnetic charging feature

  • Supports SBC and APTX HD codec

  • Requires waterproof mp3 player

  • Fairly expensive

  • Charging connector is easily misplaced

H2O AUDIO Surge SX10

H2O AUDIO Surge SX10


  • Connectivity: Wired

  • Excellent sound quality and bass response

  • Over the ear cable design

  • High-quality construction

  • Requires audio source (mp3 player or smartphone)

HydroActive Waterproof Headphones

HydroActive Waterproof Headphones with accessories


  • Connectivity: Wired

  • IPX8 water-resistant

  • Wraps around your head

  • 4 styles (11 pairs) of eartips

  • Comfortable, stable fit

  • Flood protection chamber

  • Requires waterproof mp3 player

  • Some users might find the fit tight

Swimbuds Flip

Swimbuds Flip


  • Connectivity: Wired

  • IPX8 rated

  • Excellent build and sound quality

  • Secure seal with 3 tree tips

  • Comfortable, lightweight design

  • Minimal sound leakage

  • Requires waterproof mp3 player

  • Doesn't work as well on land

  • Some people don't like the fit

AGPTEK Waterproof Headphones

AGPTEK Waterproof Headphones


  • Connectivity: Wired

  • IPX8 rated

  • Coiled cable

  • Multiple styles of eartips

  • Excellent sound quality

  • Comfortable and secure fit

  • Earbuds do not have in-line controls

  • Underwater limit of 30 minutes

Swimming is one of the most popular outdoor activities during the summer. Instead of energy drinks or bars to keep you focused, swimmers often rely on music to improve their focus. After all, physical performance is increased by tracks with fast tempos and catchy lyrics.

There is even a video where Michael Phelps swears by his headphones. However, having to keep your phone or MP3 player stored and protected from water can make it difficult to enjoy time in the pool. But don’t give up just yet!

best waterproof headphones for swimming

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best waterproof headphones, specifically for swimming, that will allow you to enjoy your favourite playlist while still remaining safe in the water. For help navigating this guide, feel free to use the table of content below.

Things To Consider When Buying Waterproof Headphones

Before finalizing on a pair of waterproof headphones for your next aquatic excursion, there are some things to consider before investing in them.

These considerations include noise-cancelling and how well they will block out sound, their portability and storage issues, durability and water resistance capability (would you be able to submerge them) as well as other related factors like comfort – even when used with potentially tight-fitting earpieces.

It is vital to purchase waterproof headphones designed to be durable as their purpose is to be waterproof and withstand harsh conditions.

They should also have water resistance features that protect them against damage or premature wear beyond just being in the water. The best products should be resistant to shocks, scratches, and other impacts outside the ocean that could ruin the unit. 

It’s important to note the key difference between waterproof and water-resistant headphones. Though these terms may seem interchangeable, they are actually quite different. There is a standard industry specification for waterproofing called IPX. A dustproof rating is represented by the “X” in IPX.

“Waterproof” headphones can be completely submerged in liquid without any worries of internal damage or water leaking through the earbud openings. However, there is a wide variety of waterproof headphones on the market – some are IPX0 rated (not intended for use in liquid) and some are IPX8 rated (intended for continuous submersion under 1+ meters of water).

And some even go up to IPX9K (completely waterproof). To use them properly for lap training, you must stick with IPX8. Units rated IPX7 can only be used in water up to 3 ft. deep, while IPX9K isn’t yet used for audio devices. 

Headphones that are suitable for swimming don’t offer active noise cancelling (ANC). This is because an active microphone needs to remain exposed to the outside environment, which helps it pick up ambient noises and cancel them.

Another factor that will affect your listening experience is the sound quality, which is of course affected by any other noise that might be there even after all efforts are made to reduce it.

The best waterproof headphones should encompass the best sound quality possible without losing their structural integrity or breaking down because they are built so tightly – making them resistant to water damage.

Most of us do not wish to be burdened with heavy headphones while on an adventure or simply just out for a casual walk. As such, waterproof headphones should be portable enough to fit comfortably inside your bag without sacrificing their quality or functionality in any way.

The storage issue is especially important when purchasing these types of products and the best waterproof headphones should have some sort of storage feature. Waterproof workout earphones are excellent choices as they can easily be stored in a small pocket.

Just because your headphones are waterproof does not mean they will always fit your head comfortably. In fact, you might often find yourself having a hard time using them even when adjusting the muffler (if applicable) while in doing so.

This mainly happens when the wires and muffs that cover the speakers are not well-designed and sometimes difficult to adjust during use. The best waterproof headphones for swimming should be comfortable to wear without sacrificing their other features such as sound quality or durability.

Another thing to consider when choosing the best waterproof headphones is the battery life. Nevertheless, this might not be a big issue since most headphones mentioned here don’t use batteries, but rather, rely on the mp3 player’s battery. This is still important for those who use a battery.

The best water-resistant headphones should come with a good warranty and spare parts that you can easily get in case of a breakdown or malfunction. Most of the time, it is easier to replace these products than it is to repair them, which is why you should look out for products with good warranty packages where you can replace your defective unit at little cost.

How Do They Waterproof Headphones And Who Are They For?

Waterproof headphones are headphones that have a special coating on them that makes them waterproof. These headphones must have an IP rating, which means they’re tested to withstand pressure from 1 meter of water, down to just 30 meters. However, those 30 meters go fast when you’re in the pool.

The swimmer uses his Sony NWZ-W273S Walkman

These waterproof phones are made with rubberized plastic, meaning they can go underwater for up to two hours before they start failing. They also have a special anti-sweat coating, which is perfect for those who listen to music while they’re working out.

These headphones will work with your mp3 player or even with your smartphone. All you have to do is make sure it’s compatible with your music device before you buy one.

Hydrophobic coating is another method used to make headphones waterproof. As a result of the coating, beads of water are formed on the surface of the headphones that repel water and allow it to slide off. This is done either by the chemical coating method or by using the nano-coating method.

Waterproof Headphones are Ideal for:

  • Swimming, paddle boarding, and people who work around water bodies.
  • Perfect for athletes and for people who sweat a lot.

Sony NWWS413LM – 8.0

The Sony NWWS413LM is an in-ear wireless headphone. Among its features are IPX8 rating, integrated MP3 player, and a battery life of 12 hours. Additionally, you get 4 GB of storage and a quick charge feature that provides 60 minutes of runtime for a 3-min charge. And fully charges in 36 minutes. So you can listen to your tunes while treading water.

It is for those who are looking for a compact, sleek and affordable choice to go out with them on their next swimming adventure. We have become accustomed to listening to our favourite songs almost everywhere, whether we’re relaxing or working out. If you’re one of those lucky people who can’t imagine a day without music, the NWWS413LM is made for you!

No matter how many times you drop them or submerge them into the water, they’ll still work as if nothing happened! Sony’s NWWS413LM has an ambient noise mode that can be activated via a button. This keeps track of what’s happening around you by listening to nearby sounds and playing them back. They include regular, as well as, swimming eartips.

Headphones with and without wireless connectivity :

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Pyle Mp3 Player Bluetooth Headphones – 7.5

Here’s an MP3 player with Bluetooth that’s a step up. Pyle’s Finis Duo is quite portable and lightweight, featuring a built-in mp3 player and a wireless headphone design.

The Pyle headset can be worn as a neckband or headband depending on your preference. No matter what shape your head is, these headphones will fit with relative ease without causing irritation. It should be expected that a pair of budget headphones would produce mediocre sound. It may not be the best sound quality on the market, but even underwater, the Pyle headset delivers decent sound performance.

It’s unlikely that you will be swimming for many hours at a time, but the Pyle mp3 player/Bluetooth headphone has a 10-hour battery life that ensures you won’t run out before your next practice lap. With a charge time of only 2 hours, that’s a great deal for the money. Despite being a double-duty MP3 player and Bluetooth headset, the Bluetooth side is practically useless underwater, since its range is greatly reduced.

You can, however, use it to go jogging and cycling. Although it comes with 3 eartip sizes for regular use, it only comes in 2 sizes for swimming, which is unusual. You may have fit issues, so find eartips that are cooperative with your ear.

Are you working with a mid-range to high-end budget?

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Finis Duo – 6.8

The Finis Duo is the only pair of headphones with an mp3 Player that uses bone conduction technology.

There are many benefits to bone conduction headphones, among them a uniquely secure fit, less likelihood of failure, and potential benefits to those who have hearing problems. You may have some trouble getting used to them in the beginning and may need some time. With a memory of up to 4 GB (approx. 1000 songs) and 7 hours of runtime, it’ll be a while before you run out of battery or music.

Finis Duo’s housing has large, easy-to-access buttons located to the side, making it easy to use. There is even support for Apple-based file formats (AAC and M4A), so you can pick out a lot of songs. With the Finis Duo, you can charge and transfer files with a magnetic dock. This way, file corruption or interruption while charging will not happen.

Despite the Finis Duo’s ability to withstand over 3 meters of immersion, its 30-minute time limit makes it impossible to do longer activities. They do not have a sturdy band either. Instead, they are secured to your goggles by a latch that slides over the cheekbones. Having no support makes them prone to tearing when being tucked in place.

As a final note, the charging ports may become clogged with mineral accumulation over time. You can clean the device by submerging them for roughly 4 hours in a CLR cleaning solution.

Try playing one of your favourite games using one of these.

SoundPEATS Q35 HD – 8.1

The Soundpeats Q35 HD will deliver a stable connection and clear sound when listening or talking, with powerful bass performance. Featuring Bluetooth 5.0, APTX HD and SBC codec support, high-performance QCC3034 chipset, and 10 mm drivers.

Soundpeats Q35 HD headphones are very comfortable and stable and come with an IPX8 waterproof rating, so they can be used during all activities that expose them to sweat or water, including swimming. The battery offers a long-lasting playtime of 12-14 hours with just 2 hours of charge time, so you can enjoy the music all day long.

To charge your headsets, attach the magnetic contactor to the USB magnetic slot. The magnetic force will cause them to automatically connect when they get close to each other. As there are no holes in your headphones, it manages to achieve an IPX8 waterproof rating. You can hang the earbuds safely around your neck when you are not using them.

H2O AUDIO Surge SX10 – 8.0

The cable connected to the earpieces has a curved design where the cable goes over your ears. They stay in place and are suitable for multiple outdoor activities. With regards to the sound of the SX10: there is a rich tone in the bass, but all other frequencies have a clarity that is lacking in cheaper models.

Three types of eartips are included so that you can find the perfect fit. I preferred the tri-flanged mode among the three modes, as the extra tips grip the ear canals firmly to prevent slipping. As far as performance is concerned, the Swimbuds Flip is as good as, if not better than, the SX10. There is a slight improvement in fit compared to the SX10.

HydroActive Waterproof Headphones – 8.0

With the HydroActive Waterproof Headphones from Underwater Audio, the company returns with a simple, easy to use pair of swimming earbuds.

In case of flooding in the ears, the waterproof earbuds include a unique “dry” chamber that keeps the water out, preventing it from damaging electronics. On top of that, the casing is constructed with heavy-duty plastic, and the wiring is reinforced with para-aramid synthetic fiber, which resists mineral/chemical leaching and underwater drag wear.

In addition to the headband design, the funnel-shaped housing of the waterproof headphone directs sound waves for a more immersive experience. Its easy-to-use design is made possible by its 3.5 mm jack and a short cord.

These headphones come with four different eartip options, three of which are specifically designed for swimming: Ergo tips ( fits on the outer ear), Tree tips (deep fit with triple flanges), and Fin Tips that are a hybrid. For the HydroActive Short-Cord Headphones to function, you will need a waterproof MP3 player. When switching tips, users should watch out for the plastic retainer as it is much more fragile than the rest of the headphone frame.

Swimbuds Flip – 7.7

Providing a budget-oriented consumer with quality for a price that gets them excited, Underwater Audio’s Swimbuds Flip is perfect. 

With tough housing and durable cord, the Swimbuds Flip can endure long-term use. A thicker cable and an L-shaped jack enhance user comfort underwater. When submerged underwater, the novel chamber shape of the Swimbuds Flip greatly improves the audio experience. As a result, soundwaves are directed optimally, increasing the volume of the sound.

In line with Underwater Audio standards, clarity and sound quality are both excellent. Stream your favourite tracks on blast while paddling. You get 3 sizes of tree-style tips that provide an exceptional fit. There is no MP3 player integrated into the Swimbuds Flip, as indicated.

You should only choose this if you already own a waterproof mp3 player. Note that these earbuds are designed only for swimming. The quality of the sound is reduced when used on land. Due to this, it lands lower on this list.

AGPTEK Waterproof Headphones – 7.4

The speakers from AGPTEK deliver crisp, clear sound, with a proper balance of low, mid, high frequencies, while reducing background noise. Swim drills can be perfected while you are immersed in an encompassing audio experience.

When you are swimming, you don’t want your cords tangled. The smart solution for this problem is AGPTEK’s coiled cords. The length can be extended by 35 cm. However, it can coil back down to 16cm, if you don’t require that extended length.

This is simply a pair of waterproof in-ear headphones without a built-in MP3 player. Furthermore, the earbuds themselves lack in-line controls. To pause/play/skip tracks, you will need to always use the MP3 player. Note that the nano-coating present on these headphones lasts for 30 minutes underwater. Your training may be disrupted due to this limitation.

Here Are Some Good Swimming Accessories For Improving Audio

Besides the usual swimming gear like noseclips, goggles, caps and earplugs. These are some of the accessories that will help you improve your music experience while swimming.

Toy boat in a swimming pool

Underwater Audio offers a selection of waterproof products ranging from mp3 players to headphones. One of the products from their Swimbuds lineup, the Swimbuds Flip, has already made this list. Underwater Audio has altered the iconic iPod Shuffle. Along with waterproofing, you get 2GBs of storage, 15 hours of playback, and several attractive colour variants to choose from, with the VoiceOver function still intact.

Noteworthy Mentions

H2O Audio Swim Solution Interval – Another device from H2O Audio with a unique design. Besides having an IPX8 water resistance rating, the body of this headset also includes a waterproof case for your mp3 player. So you don’t need a waterproof mp3 player, just a normal one will do.

Pyle PSWP6BK Flextreme – Using the Pyle Flextreme headphones, you can listen to music without relying on a device thanks to their onboard storage of 4GB. Fitting snugly around your neck, the wire neckband ensures a secure fit during workouts. This headset’s flexible design makes for easy storage in the same vein as the JBL Endurance Dive.

SWMIUSK Waterproof Headphones – Waterproof headphones are not as expensive as people think. These headphones prove as much with their water resistance. This pair is for those who already own a waterproof MP3 player. You can use them whether you’re underwater or not for your regular workout. You can also get a bundle that includes an mp3 player and headphones if you don’t have a waterproof mp3 player.

Tayogo Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones – Tayogo uses bone conduction technology, bringing conventionality and use to new heights. The Tayogo does not require any ear tips which can be uncomfortable to some. When vibrations are directed to your cheekbones, ear contact is not needed. Additionally, people with hearing difficulties can benefit from this. Use earplugs to improve sound quality as it reduces ambient noise.

H2O Audio Stream 2 – The waterproof headphones and MP3 player 2-in-1 combo from H2O Audio is the result of over 15 years of development. The headset also supports all other music formats. Additionally, you have the option of playing via Bluetooth or internal memory. A versatile and functional device such as the H2O Audio Stream 2 is a great choice.

TOZO T6/T12 – The TOZO T6 and T12 are true wireless earbuds that have an IPX8 waterproof rating. And are a pretty decent pair of truly wireless headphones. Their small size and lightweight design make them ideal for prolonged listening sessions. Fans of EDM, hip-hop and other similar genres will enjoy their bassy sound profile. The battery lasts for 5.5 hours, and their case provides four extra charges. Furthermore, any Qi-enabled wireless charger can be used to charge the case.

Aftershokz Xtrainerz – The AfterShokz Xtrainerz, an advanced bone conduction technology answer from Aftershokz, rests on the upper limit of the price spectrum. Easily one of the best waterproof headphones on this list. Unfortunately, they aren’t available in India. For this reason, they are listed under noteworthy mentions instead.

Mpow M30 Plus – Another pair of true wireless earbuds with an IPX8 rating is the Mpow M30 Plus. It comes with a punchy, bassy sound signature that compliments several popular music genres. Each earbud has a silicone wing that is meant to improve the stability of the fit. But, more often than not, it gets in the way and may irritate first-time users.

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