Best True Wireless or TWS earbuds of 2022

Time to break free of those wires.
(Updated on January 25, 2022)

Quick Comparison






Mpow M30 Plus

mpow m30 plus case and earbuds

(Best Budget Model)


  • Ample low-end

  • Mids and Highs are great

  • Huge battery life

  • Case substitutes as a power bank

  • IPX8 certified

  • Great comfort and Fit

  • Large case

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

sennheiser momentum 2

(Best Premium Model)


  • Amazing sound

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

  • Stunning design

  • In-app EQ

  • Supports Hi-Res Audio

  • Priced high

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Beats powerbeats pro


  • Great sound quality

  • IPX5 certified

  • Battery life and Fit

  • Mic quality

  • Integrated with Apple's H1 chip

  • Priced high

  • Mids sound recessed

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

samsung galaxy buds plus


  • Upgraded sound

  • Increased battery life (11 hours)

  • Good call quality

  • USB-C and wireless charging

  • Doesn't support aptX

  • Only IPX2 certified

Apple AirPods Pro

Apples AirPods Pro top view scaled


  • Active noise cancelling and Transparency mode

  • Integrated H1 chip

  • AAC support

  • Comfortable fit

  • Sufficient battery life

  • No volume control

  • Uses lightning connector to charge

Maybe your phone doesn’t have an aux-in port or you just like the aesthetic of TWS earbuds. Whatever your reasons may be, I think it’s time to break free (of cables/wires). When looking for the best wireless headphones or earbuds it is essential to take into consideration what your needs are.

If you’re going to be using them at work or in a public place then noise isolation or noise cancellation might be a priority. But if you require headphones/earbuds for the gym, you’ll consider something that is more durable and offers a better fit. Some specific models cater to your every need, and some are adaptable to any environment.

Therefore, below you’ll discover our suggestions for the best True Wireless or TWS earbuds that will help you narrow down your options. If you’re interested in wireless neckband-style in-ear headphones, take a peek at our suggestions for the Best Wireless headphones under 5000 rs. You may also like our budget-oriented suggestions for the Best Bluetooth headphones under 1000 rs and 500 rs.

Mpow M30 Plus delivers the Most Value for Money – 9.1

The Mpow M30 Plus is well-deserving of the Plus title. With the enormous battery life, CVC 8.0 noise cancellation and more, they make for a great pair of true wireless earbuds for the price

The Mpow M30 Plus is the upgraded version of the original M30 and shares a similar build with it. The look of the earbuds is quite beautiful with a matte black finish and an oval border. These earbuds do sport touch controls which are outlined by the oval border. You can control the usual volume and music playback. And also take or reject calls.

The device has an IPX8 certification. It can handle a few splashes of water or sweat to being completely submerged in water. So you needn’t worry about sweating during your workouts. The size of the charging case is relatively large and also a bit heavier than most TWS earbuds’ cases. But you get a larger battery (2,600mAh) as a result. At the front of the case are four LEDs to indicate the battery status.

They provide you with USB-C charging functionality. The earbuds themselves last about 5 hours and the case provides you with an additional 95 hours of battery backup. The case and earbuds fully charge in about 2 and a half hours.

The sound quality of Mpow devices is expected to be great and the M30 Plus delivers on those expectations. The instrumentals sound clear and push through nicely, the midrange compliments the vocals of a track well and the bass is deep and punchy. 

With Great Sound comes Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 – 8.7

Sennheiser has positively exceeded our expectations with the Momentum True Wireless 2. They provide wonderful active noise cancellation with a unique design and brilliant sound reproduction.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, on the outside, look similar to the previous generation Momentum True Wireless. Another feature they share and one that is improved upon in the newer version is the sound quality, and the battery life as well. Just like the previous genenration, Sennheiser has invested majorly in its audio performance with second priority given to everything else.

The sound output is truly amazing.

The design is a bit showy but stunning nonetheless. The battery life of the earbuds lasts up to 7 hours and the charging case provides an extra 28 hours. It does also have NFC support. The Sennheiser’s app lets you control the colouration of your music allowing you to set a custom EQ. Using the app you can let the noise of your surroundings in your ears by tapping the in-app control.

The touch controls let you control your music playback, answer or reject calls, and change the volume; the usual stuff. The music automatically pauses when you take either of the earbuds out of your ears. One thing to note, people with smaller ears may at times find them slightly uncomfortable.

Beats Powerbeats Pro, your workout companion – 8.4

The Beats Powerbeats Pro offer some of the best passive noise isolation, fit, and battery life. If neckband-style headphones aren’t your thing then these TWS earbuds will suit you perfectly.

The construction of the Beats PowerBeats Pro is strong and is designed so that they stay in your ear during workouts, running and other similar activities thanks to their earhook form. Also, they have IPX4 water and sweat-resistance certification. Therefore they’ll be shielded from water or sweat damage.

Similar to the AirPods, the PoweBeats Pro also have Apple’s H1 wireless chip inside, this makes pairing quick. The battery life lasts over 10 hours, which is astounding. Put them back in the case and you can carry them around effortlessly. Compared to the Jaybird Tarah Pro, then noise isolation isn’t as good.

But this works in favour of the PowerBeats Pro, for people that jog or commute, ones who want to stay aware of their environment.

Coming to the sound quality, they produce a somewhat neutral, balanced sound signature that favours various types of music genres and audio content. You can opt for the original Beats PowerBeats if you have budget restrictions but if you don’t then you couldn’t go wrong with the Pro variant.

The feature-packed Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus – 8.0

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are considered to be one of the, if not the best true wireless earbuds by a majority of people. They are priced economically while delivering various features. They flaunt a long battery life with a portable charging case. All of this in a simple yet elegant design.

When it comes to changes in the design there aren’t any, the Galaxy Buds and the Galaxy Buds Plus look alike. In terms of the microphone and calling quality, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus excel. Comparing them to the AirPods Pro, they fall behind but for the price they’re amazing.

The sound quality is excellent as well, partnering with AKG helped them accomplish this. The sound produced has a slightly more emphasized mids that appeals to a wider audience. This type of sound signature works quite well with popular music genres. Using Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app you can select between any of the EQ presets to add a different feel to the sound.

You can also customize touch controls through the app. These earbuds support two high-res Bluetooth codecs; the Samsung scalable codec which works great with Samsung devices and AAC with favours for iOS devices. This goes a long way in improving connection stability.

Apple AirPods Pro for iPhone users – 7.9

The original AirPods were good but could’ve been made better and that is why we have the AirPods Pro. The AirPods Pro has interchangeable eartips, active noise-cancelling, and upgraded playback controls.

A feature called Transparency Mode which amplifies the environmental sound around you to keep you aware of your surrounding. This feature is also seen in the realme Buds Wireless Pro. This is great for runners, joggers and commuters.

You can switch the ANC on/off by pinching the stem of the earbuds. This is also where the music playback controls are located. Regrettably, you can’t control volume through it, instead, you’d have to use Siri. The charging case is somewhat larger than the original but still pocket-able.

The battery life lasts around 5 hours and you get a few additional charges from the case. If you don’t fancy the AirPods Pro then are other alternatives for iPhone as well as Android users. They have the best mic quality and are capable of transferring your voice to whomever you’re speaking with, with utmost clarity.

Noteworthy Mentions

BOOMAUDIO Boom Bling – Priced just under 2000 rs., they deliver a really good sound output. The battery isn’t all that great at 17 hours but you get USB Type-C charging support, touch controls, and decent microphone performance.

Edifier TWS NB – At first glance, the Edifier TWS NB looks like they were made in the future and not in a good way. They present questionable styling. For the price, it does offer ANC and aptX support but the battery life is only 33 hours. Which in our opinion isn’t sufficient, especially when you consider that models priced much lower than that offer more.

Edifier X3 – Edifier X3 is another true wireless earbud that is priced competitively (under 2000rs.). It has a 24-hour battery backup, touch controls, aptX codec support and offers CVC 8.0 noise reduction. Oh, and they look timeless with the blackout colourway.

Jabra Elite (and Active) 75t – The Jabra Elite 75t and Elite Active 75t are exceptional performers when it comes to battery life and durability, you can choose either of them. Both offer great microphone performance while also being pretty comfortable. The Active 75t has IP57 compared to Elite 75t’s IP55 rating.

Jaybird Vista – The Jaybird Vista are some of the best workout earbuds. They have an IPX7 water-resistant rating. The charging case allows quick charging through the USB-C cable. The in-ear fit is great as well. They are a great alternative for the Powerbeats Pro if they’re out of your budget.

Lypertek TEVI – The Lypertek TEVI is also a budget TWS earbud. It boasts a battery life of 70 hours and supports USB Type-C charging. You get a lot for the price and is also a great alternative to the Mpow M30 Plus.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Go – You can opt for the M&D MW07 Go if you want a build that is similar to the MW07 Plus but has an almost natural sound signature.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus – The Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus is for those who are looking for amazing quality and don’t mind spending on it. They have a detailed sound signature, support aptX, and have a noise-cancelling function.

Mpow Wireless M30 – If you’re looking into the Mpow Wireless M30 then we’d suggest that you’d save some more money and get the M30 Plus as they are upgraded and have much better tech, and performance stats.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless – The predecessor to the True Wireless 2. Not bad but not as good. That being said they are still a well-performing set of true wireless earbuds.

Sony WF-1000XM3 – The Sony WF-1000XM3 has some of the best Active noise cancelling in the true wireless segment. If you like the Sony sound signature and have previously owned their products it wouldn’t hurt to try them. Plus, they aren’t priced as high as some others on this list.

Soundcore Anker – The Soundcore Anker are a well-built pair of TWS earbuds, provide a stable fit, and come with a portable charging case

SoundPEATS TrueFree Plus – Unlike the original TrueFree, the TrueFree Plus variant provides you with a charging case that actually has a lid that closes. The earbuds are fairly small in size and provide a good in-ear fit. So if you have to choose between the original or the upgrade, choose the upgrade.

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Listening to music at high volumes for long periods can cause damage and ear pain. A simple and effective way to prevent this is to avoid listening to music at high volumes and instead listen to music that is of better quality. You can also invest in a better pair of headphones.

Itchy ears can be a result of sweating or a skin condition if the former then try using a different type of headphone. If the problem persists then consult your doctor.

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