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(Updated on January 25, 2022)

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Sound One V11

Sound One V11 collapsed


  • Battery life: 10+ hrs.

  • Connectivity: Wireless and Wired

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Good sound output

  • Foldable design

  • Decent build quality

  • Generic looks

Leaf Bass

Leaf Bass


  • Battery life: 5-7 hrs.

  • Connectivity: Wireless and Wired

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Comfortable fit

  • Decent sound

  • Sweat-resistant

  • Mic quality is okay

Redgear Cloak

Redgear Cloak


  • Connectivity: Wired

  • Large earcups

  • Excellent fit and comfort

  • Distinguished design

  • Standard microphone quality

  • RGB lights are fixed

Panasonic RP-HX250

Panasonic RP HX250E


  • Connectivity: Wired

  • Balanced sound signature

  • Decent styling and build

  • L-type gold plated jack

  • Large earcups

  • No headband padding

  • No mic

Philips SHL4600BK

Philips SHL4600BK


  • Connectivity: Wired

  • Distinct design

  • Decent sound signature

  • Clear sound output

  • Average build quality

While in-ear and on-ear headphones are quite comfortable. But over-ear headphone rule when it comes to comfort. You’ll often find over-ears priced relatively high that offers a lot of high-end features.

But since we’re working with a limited budget you may need to sacrifice on a few things. But not a lot. If you have used an in-ear and on-ear headphone then you may want to look into some of these over-ear headphones as well. Also, check out our picks for double the budget.

Sound One V11 (Best Wireless) – 7.5

Sound One is an Indian brand. It has come out with a new over-ear headphone called the V11, priced under 1000 rupees. For that price, you get pretty good headphones.

The Sound One V11 is the successor of the V10. The V10 is an on-ear type headphone, the V11 is an over-ear headphone. Sound One has settled on a pretty generic design for the V11. You’ll find a lot of budget-friendly headphones that share a similar, if not the same, design and looks.

Yes, these are over-ear headphones, but the earcups will come in contact with the outsides of your ear a little bit.

Regarding the quality of the build, the build material is plastic and thus is lightweight. When it comes to durability, the headphone is capable of handling a fair amount of stress. Also, the earcups can be folded which makes them quite compact and improves their durability. Battery life is advertised as 20 hrs. but realistically, you will get about 10+ hrs. of playtime.

If you do run out of battery, you can always use the 3.5mm port and cable to continue using them in wired mode. The Bluetooth version is 5.0. The headphones use 40mm drivers and produce a pretty punchy bass. The mids and high is fairly conventional.

The overall quality of sound is decent. The earcups are sufficiently padded and similar padding is seen on the headband as well. Though, not as dense. The headband is adjustable too. The buttons are tactile and well-placed. Noise isolation is good.

What does the high-end segment offer?

Leaf Bass – 7.3

A build that is similar to the Sound One V11 with some changes. Leaf Bass also has sweat resistance for when you choose to work out.

The outward appearance of the Leaf Bass might seem generic but upon closer inspection, you notice the changes made to the design. With the Leaf logo printed on the backs of the earcups and the outside of the headband. At the back of the earcups, you’ll also notice a button that lets you turn on/off the headphones. This button also allows you to answer or reject calls.

The built-in mic is pretty decent. Yes, you can take calls but the audio recording quality is standard and unimpressive. Coming to the sound – the bass is powerful. The mids are okay, the bass does tend to take away some of the lower mids. And the highs are decent. Overall, a bassy sound signature.

The headphone is quite portable as the earcups can be folded. And it has an adjustable strap that lets you achieve the proper fit. The battery is decent, coming at 5-7 hrs. Fortunately, they have an aux-in port that can be used for wired connectivity and use.

The comfort and fit of the Leaf Bass are pretty good. The earcups are large enough that they cover the entire ear, thus creating a good seal. Bluetooth 5.0 and some level of sweat resistance ensures that when you workout, the headphones are protected and the connection is stable.

Alternative: Zebronics Zeb-Thunder

Zebronics Zeb Thunder

If you’d like to see a pop of colour amidst the generic design of the wireless headphones from before. Then take a look at the Zebronics Zeb-Thunder. They’re available in several colourways to choose from. Speaking about the build quality, the form factor is the same as the previous headphones mentioned. Which also dictates the fit and seal of these headphones.

The durability of the headphone is standard. And you can expect around 5-7 hrs. of playtime before they run out of battery. But you needn’t worry as they can be used in wired mode with a 3.5mm aux cable. The sound quality is also conventional. It has a bass-focused signature which is the norm among budget headphones.

It uses Bluetooth 5.0 to keep the connection stable and strong. The microphone and call performance is below average. Overall, the Zeb-Thunder isn’t an amazing pair of headphones for the price but it gets the job done.

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Redgear Cloak (Best for Gaming) – 8.4

For being priced around 1000 rs. (occasionally over 1000rs.), the Redgear Cloak is an amazing pair of gaming headphones. The build and looks are sturdy and eye-catching, respectively.

The Redgear Cloak’s design is what sets it apart from the rest of the headphones. The earcups are quite large, proving to achieve a better seal and passive noise isolation. They will easily cover your ears even if they’re fairly large. The back of the earcups has the logo printed on it and an RGB ring, both of which are lit.

Now, despite having RGB LEDs, you can’t choose a single colour. It does give a cool look to the design. Also, the LEDs can be switched on or off.

The boom microphone is to the right earcup and is capable of providing decent call/recording quality. The fit is comfortable and stable. The build quality is exceptional despite it using plastic for most of its construction. The headband is supported by a couple of metal bands to further improve its structure and durability.

The cable quality is great and splits into two 3.5mm jacks – one for the mic and the other for sound, where iPhone don’t need even one. You’ll need a splitter to use them for mobile gaming. It also has a USB pin that controls the RGB LEDs.

Finally, the sound quality is wonderfully attenuated for amazing. The sound of gunshots, footsteps and other in-game sounds are positionally accurate. However, you don’t get surround sound. You can also use them for casual music listening with decent bass performance.

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Panasonic RP-HX250 (Best Wired) – 7.1

Panasonic offers an over-ear headphone which is priced almost half this budget. It delivers good value for money without sacrificing a lot of quality.

Panasonic RP HX250E

The RP-HX250 by Panasonic is a pretty decent pair of wired headphones. It comes decently packaged. It is an over-ear type headphone and shares some similarities with other over-ear headphones when it comes to styling and looks. Instead of opting for the black-out colour scheme, Panasonic decides to add a pop of colour, in this case, violet. This sets it apart.

When it comes to the materials used for its construction, you’ll see that the build is all plastic and that is to be expected. Despite this, it feels relatively durable and lightweight. The cable is rubber-coated and is flat instead of cylindrical. In terms of comfort, the earcups are well-padded and soft, capable of covering the entire ear.

The headband, however, is not padded which makes it susceptible to damage. The sound quality is fairly standard. However, unlike most headphones that provide powerful bass performance, the RP-HX250 delivers a balanced, almost neutral sound signature.

Music genres like Pop, Hip-Hop, etc. can benefit from this. Unfortunately, you don’t get a microphone with these headphones. The cable uses a 3.5mm gold plated L-type audio jack to connect to your devices.

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Philips SHL4600BK/00 – 6.9

The Philips SHL4600 is another neat pair of over-ear wired headphones that offers something unique in its looks.

The build quality of the Philips Aerolite is rather ordinary. But the styling and design is a different thing altogether. The earcups of these headphones are quite large and slim. They’re fairly well-padded and are soft to the touch. The headband is what gives these headphones a distinct look. It is slim, flexible, and has firm rubber padding.

The cable is flat, extending from the bottom of the earcups. It has an L-type 3.5mm gold plated audio jack. The earcups can be rotated and are collapsable. This makes them easy to store, and the lightweight design adds to their portability. The headband can also be adjusted to fit your head.

The oval shape of the earcups perfectly wrap your ears and provide a good seal which promotes passive noise isolation. Microphones can’t be found on these headphones as well, just like Panasonic headphones.

The sound quality of the Aerolite is pretty good, which is surprising. The bass isn’t all that powerful but it sufficient. Overall, they have a natural or balanced sound signature. Vocals are quite clear and precise, this goes for the instrumentals as well.

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