Best Headphones under 500 Rs in 2022

The test of the best among the cheapest.
(Updated on January 25, 2022)

Quick Comparison



Key Features



boAt BassHeads 162

boAt BassHeads 162 Blue


  • Sound quality is great

  • Heavy bass

  • Braided tangle-free cable

  • Cool design

pTron Boom Evo 4D

pTron Boom Evo 4D


  • Sound quality is great+

  • Best under 400 rs

  • Good noise isolation

  • Unique Look

Realme Earbuds

Realme Earbuds with Mic and Jack


  • Decent sound quality

  • Design

  • Magnetic eartips

  • Comfortable

Energy Sistem Urban 3

Energy Sistem Urban 3 silver scaled


  • Sound quality is good

  • Featherweight

  • Sturdy metal build

Artis E400M

Artis E400M Black scaled


  • Sound quality is above average

  • Priced under 400 rs

  • Braided tangle-free cable

  • Lightweight

Oh how far we have come. Our expectations on finding the best headphones under 500 rs were fairly low but we were wrong to do so. The budget may be small and limited but the capabilities of these devices are amazing.

The features that each of these headphones offers and the price they offer it at is pleasantly surprising. This is the result of competition and demand for true value for money, budget headphones. So if you are thinking of buying a pair of headphones and working with this budget then pick one of these models.

Our choice for the Best Overall headphones is the boAt BassHeads 162 – 8.2

What we Like

The packaging of the Boat Bassheads 162 is colourful and attention-grabbing. In the box comes a warranty card and 3 sets of different sized eartips, one of which is already assigned to the headphone’s earpieces. The quality of eartips is good, they’re nice and soft.

Speaking about the earphones themselves; the build and design quality is wonderful and attractive; the glossy finish of the earpieces. The earpiece housing is made out of metal and feels firm. They come in 3 colours; black, blue and red.

On top of the earpieces, there is a hole that aids noise isolation. On the back; the boat logo is imprinted along with an L/R indication to prevent confusion.

The cable that connects the earpieces to the microphone is coated with rubber and the cable connecting the audio jack to the mic is a reliable, braided cable. The microphone housing is simple and has a single control button. The 3.5mm audio jack is angled and gold-plated.

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What we Don’t Like

The earpieces are straight which may affect the fit, some prefer angled earpieces as they’re more ergonomic.

The Sound

The sound quality of these in-ear headphones is great. The bass is nice and full; the highs are stable and clear; the mids lack a bit of clarity. Overall sound signature is great despite the mids(vocals) being a little weak.

The mic quality is okay; the person you’re speaking to will be able to understand what you’re saying.

pTron Boom Evo 4D with the Best Sound – 8.0

What we Like

The packaging of the Ptron Boom Evo 4D is really simple and to the point. You get a one-year warranty. The box contains 3 pairs of eartips. The earphones come in a variety of colourways; black, red, white, black-silver and dark blue. All of this is priced at just under 400 rs.

The quality of the eartips is great though they feel a bit stiff. Coming to the earpieces; they possess a unique and distinctly futuristic look. The housing of the earpieces is certainly made from plastic; at the back are a couple of decorative circles below them is a tiny plastic that serves the purpose of boosting the bass and isolating the noise.

The dual drives are sitting within the earpiece housing. Below each earpiece is an indication for L/R. Along the cable is an in-line microphone which has a mid-grade plastic housing along with a control button and slider switch to toggle between mute and unmute.

At its back is the ptron logo. The cable is internally twisted to improve durability and sturdiness; it comes rubber-coated. The audio jack is gold plated but not angled.

What we Don’t Like

The 3.5mm audio jack is an I-type meaning that it’s straight. The single control button on the mic is a bit shaky.

The Sound

The dual drivers truly shine when it comes to delivering a thumpy and rich bass, the highs are clear and bright and the mids(vocals) is colourful and lively. Overall, the sound quality is marvellous.

The microphone quality, however, is decent at best. The voice picked up is distorted and sound a little tinny. Overall the experience is unpleasant but you can get work done with it.

Realme Earbuds – 7.7

What we Like

The Realme Earbuds come packaged in a simple and boxy manner. Within the box is another box and in that box, the earphones come wonderfully presented. Also in the box is a user manual and a 6 months warranty; they also provide 3 pairs of eartips of different sizes. They feel soft and well designed.

The cable is kevlar coated, which improves the durability of the cable significantly. The cable connecting the earpieces to the intersection is rubber-coated. Coming to the earpieces, the build is plastic but feels reliable. On the back of the earpieces is the Realme brand logo; the back is also magnetic to prevent unnecessary dangling.

The in-line microphone is also built sturdy; they have 3 buttons, two of which are used for volume control and the one in the center is used to manage calls and music. The holes on the earpiece housings are for noise isolation and bass gain purposes. An indication for L/R is also present. The audio jack has a plastic case.

What we Don’t Like

A metal housing for the earpieces would have been better. The earpiece housings are a little large. The mic buttons are tough to press. The audio jack is not gold-plated and has an I-type form factor.

The Sound

The bass on these earbuds is good and full however they struggle with sound separation of instruments this affects the highs, it isn’t as clear. The vocals are fair.

The mic quality is good, they manage to distinguish between human speech and background noise pretty well.

Energy Sistem Urban 3 – 7.6

What we Like

The Energy Sistem Urban 3 in-ears come nicely packaged. Within the box, there are some pamphlets along with eartips of various sizes and a warranty card. The box also contains some stickers that you could use if you’re feeling creative.

The housing of the earpieces and the microphone is made of good quality metal. The material feels strong and durable while also being lightweight. The material used for the eartips is soft but thin.

Microphone housing is made of metal and has a single control button for handling calls and music. The control button is tactile and responsive when pressed. The audio jack is also made of metal and proves to be quite strong because of this. It is also gold-plated. The cable does not have any special features just a basic rubber coated wire.

What we Don’t Like

The earpieces aren’t angled but straight. It has an I-type audio jack.

The Sound

The sound quality of these earphones is pretty good; the bass/lows and highs/treble are quite appealing and impressive. As for the mids/vocals they could do better by just being a little bit louder. They sound dull and not up the mark. Overall the sound is quite clear, there is little to no distortion of sound even at higher volumes.

Artis E400M – 7.4

What we Like

The Artis E400M comes with simple but attractive packaging and is attractively priced under 400 rs. They come along with 3 different sizes of eartips one of which is already attached to the earpieces and a clip to prevent the dangling of the earphones from getting in your way.

The earpiece housing is plastic and so is the mic case. The plastic does feel cheap but that’s expected given the price. This makes them lightweight too. The cable is internally braided and has a transparent rubber coating that looks distinct, it is also tangle-free and is quite durable.

The earpieces are angled which is great and the audio outlet is oval-shaped. The overall build quality of the earphones is average. The 3.5mm audio jack is angled but isn’t an L-type. Along the cable is an in-line microphone that has a plastic housing. It has a single control button that can be used to answer/reject calls and perform various other functions too.

What we Don’t Like

The audio jack isn’t gold plated but works but isn’t preferred. The mids and highs feel slightly glitchy and sometimes overdone. Mic quality is poor in noisy environments.

The Sound

The audio performance of the earphones is average+. The bass is delivered well and the highs perform equally good. The mids, however, could really use a boost. They are at times overwhelmed by the highs.

Coming to the microphone quality, the mic picks up almost all the background noise which is irritating because it becomes a challenge to understand human speech. We don’t recommend using them for calls unless you’re in a really quiet room.

Noteworthy Mentions

Mi Earphone Basic – A really simple pair of in-ear headphones with all the necessary features. A metal housing for earpieces, kevlar tangle-free cable, L-type gold-plated audio jack. In-line mic with individual controls. It’s a good alternative for the Realme Earbuds.

ROVKING Earbuds – A unique look and an attractive design. The Rovking Earbuds are crafted specifically for more active people. Good noise isolation and sweat resistance with an ear hook design to provide a secure fit. A mic with a universal control button to answer calls on the go coupled with voice control.


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