Best Headphones under 4000 rs in India (2022 Edition)

A closer look at the best headphones you can get under ₹4000.
(Updated on January 25, 2022)

Quick Comparison

Note: This list includes In-ear, On-ear and Over-ear headphones, and a Gaming headset.






Boat Airdopes 621

boAt Airdopes 621

(Best True Wireless Earbuds)


  • Battery: 5 hrs + 80 hrs from case

  • USB-C fast charging

  • IPX7 rated

  • Built-in mic

  • Case also serves as a power bank

  • Touch controls

  • Mediocre call quality

Realme Buds Wireless Pro (ANC)

realme Buds Wireless Pro ANC Yellow 1

(Best Wireless In-ear)


  • Battery: 22 hrs (ANC off), 16 hrs (ANC on)

  • Satisfactory active noise cancellation

  • Superb sound quality

  • Transparency mode

  • Quick charge feature

  • Average mic quality

JBL Endurance Dive

JBL Endurance Dive

(Best Sports In-ear)


  • Battery: 8 hrs

  • IPX7 rated

  • Snug fit

  • Quick charge feature

  • On-board storage of 1GB

  • Voice assistants cannot be accessed

Sony WH-CH510

sony wh ch510 blue

(Best Wireless On-ear)


  • Battery: 35 hrs

  • Earcups rotate

  • Virtual assistant access

  • USB-C fast charging

  • No headband padding

Anker Soundcore Life Q10

Anker Soundcore Life Q10

(Best Wireless Over-ear)


  • Connectivity: Wireless & Wired

  • Battery: 60 hrs

  • Quick charge with USB-C

  • Foldable design

  • Good sound quality

  • Decent call quality

Samson SR950

Samson SR950

(Best Over-ear Studio Monitor)


  • Connectivity: Wired

  • Soft, velour earpads

  • Stunning design

  • Durable frame

  • Balanced sound signature

  • Sounds muddy and dull at high volumes

Corsair HS45 Surround

Corsair HS35 scaled

(Best Gaming)


  • Connectivity: Wired (3.5mm)

  • Accurate sound output

  • 7.1 Surround Sound

  • Noise-cancelling microphone

  • Compatible with Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

  • Earcups don't collapse or rotate

The price of a good headset doesn’t have to be high. You can get headphones that offer the features you need at a good price, even if they are mid-tier. Comfort and good sound quality are especially important if plan to listen to music continuously for hours on end. The ability to communicate with friends requires a good microphone as well.

We have compiled a list of the best headsets under ₹4000 that you may consider buying. Also, check out our picks for the best PC gaming headsets and the best gaming headsets under ₹4000 too.

Best TWS: Boat Airdopes 621 – 7.8

Well-priced true wireless earbuds from Boat with exceptional battery life.

Despite its relatively low price, the Boat Airdopes 621 offer a lot of great features. This includes fast charging with USB-Ctouch controls, IPX7 water-resistant rating and others. Also, you can use the touch controls to launch Google Assistant or Siri. These are high-quality, stylish and sleek in-ear headphones.

The charging case and earbuds are both made of high-grade plastic, and the charging case has LED indicators to show battery level, among other things. They are ergonomically designed for in-ear listening. The earbuds charge up fully in 45 minutes. You are given a continuous playback time of 60 minutes with an instant 5-minute charge.

Each earbud is equipped with 6mm drivers and an in-built microphone, making it ideal for answering calls and activating the voice assistant. In an indoor environment, the call quality is pretty good. The other person can understand you clearly. The problem comes with outdoor conversations. If there is a crowd present, the other person may not hear you clearly.

The Airdopes 621 has a strong bass that is appealing to bass lovers. Without compromising the clarity of mids/vocals and highs/treble frequencies. Everything is well separated. The audio overall sounds good.

Alternative: Crossbeats Urban Plus

The Crossbeats Urban Plus has a full metal construction with a unique design. The earbuds are relatively small and have touch controls. The headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 for achieving a steady connection and are powered by USB type-C. The battery is good for 20 hours of continuous playtime. Playtime for the actual earbuds is 4-5 hours.

Digital noise reduction enhances your listening experience in noisy environments. You can launch Google Assistant or Siri with the device’s touch controls. The device is also certified IPX6 to protect you from water or sweat damage.

The earbuds can be used in stereo or mono mode and feature a built-in microphone for answering phone calls. An LED is built into each earbud.

Best In-ear: Realme Buds Wireless Pro (ANC) – 8.2

Is the active noise cancellation claim of the Realme buds wireless pro true? Or just another gimmick?

Unlike its predecessor, the Realme Buds Wireless Pro has a similar design. They feature a shiny, elegant neckband design while showcasing the Realme logo on the right side. The cables that connect the earpieces and neckband are yellow, which stands out against the black. The cable is also tangle-free, and rubber-coated. This version is also available in green.

The device is made from high-quality aluminium alloy and is strong enough to withstand impact. There is little separation between the volume control and play/pause buttons, which could lead you to press the wrong one. Additionally, there is a switch to cycle through the different active noise-cancelling modes, transparent mode, low-latency gaming modes, etc. There is also an LED indicator in view.

If you find the right eartips for your size, the in-ear fit of these headphones is very good. The earphones automatically turn on and off using the magnets present in the earpieces. The in-ear headphones deliver good sound quality; they do add a different colouration to the sound due to the various modes.

It also supports LDAC, SBS, and AAC codecs. The battery life also has exceeded our expectations. On average, the device can be used for 22 hours without the ANC and around 16 hours with the ANC on.

Best Sports In-ear: JBL Endurance Dive – 7.0

You can listen to your favourite songs in a pool by storing them inside the waterproof headphones. Make sure to set the internal storage as the source while swimming because Bluetooth won’t work underwater.

Even though the earbuds are quite large it still fits comfortably and securely, which also makes them an excellent pair of workout earbuds. An easy-to-use touch-sensitive panel makes it simple to change volume and playback. Battery life is just under 7.5 hours.

Note that the Endurance Dive does not allow you to access virtual assistants. Even though the battery life is slightly short for wireless earbuds, it should last you for a few days up to a week. With the included micro USB cable, you can charge the battery in just 10 minutes, giving you an hour of playtime, even if the battery is drained.

While the sound quality is generally good, the bass response is not that powerful for a pair of workout in-ears. You may find the music a little hard to hear while swimming so EQ-ing the bass may be necessary.

Wireless alternative – Sony WI-SP510

Wired alternative – Soundmagic E50C

Wired USB-C alternative – Belkin Rockstar

Best Wireless On-ear: Sony WH-CH510 – 8.5

The WH-CH510 is wireless on-ear headphones from Sony. The name of this headset does not do its performance justice. A nice thing about these headphones is that they have a rotating hinge. This makes them easier to store.

The Sony WH-CH510 is an attractive, reasonably-priced pair of on-ear headphones. Due to their compact and relatively small size, they are quite easy to travel with. Although it uses plastic for its construction, it is lightweight and durable. Running or jogging can be done with this lightweight design.

Durable and soft padding protects the earcups. Although not padded, the headband can be easily adjusted. You can adjust the earcups to a certain degree, but they cannot be collapsed. Despite their portability, they do have earcups that tend to cause fatigue after extended wear.

These headphones have a similar sound signature as most entry-level and mid-tier Sony headphones. All in all, the sound profile is fairly neutral. It has a great battery that will last over 30 hours on average, but since the WH-CH510 does not have any aux-in port, you can only use it wirelessly.

Alternative: Sony WH-CH400

Sony WH CH400 source

The Sony WH-CH400 headphones sound great. The headphones are wireless-only; they can’t be used wired. The plastic and padding are very thin and they feel cheap. There aren’t many great things about this headset.

The comfort is decent, and it does an okay job of blocking ambient noise. This means that it wouldn’t be a great choice for commuting or working at a desk. On the positive side, their battery can last you all day, but it takes them some time to charge up fully.

In addition to having an astonishing wireless range, they also have NFC for quicker pairing. This is ideal for a mixed-usage environment. The sound profile is adaptable to several music genres except the on-ear fit might pose some issues. Its fit is decent for sports, and it will not be as hot as over-ear headphones. Additionally, the microphone isn’t ideal for online gaming properly.

Wired alternative – Sony MDR-XB550AP

Best Wireless Over-ear: Anker Soundcore Life Q10 – 8.9

These Anker Soundcore Life Q10 headphones are extremely comfortable and lightweight.

Starting with the sound quality, the Soundcore Life Q10 uses 50mm drivers to produce a powerful and punchy low-end. This bassy sound signature is well suited for several popular music genres like EDM, hip hop, and others. Plus, you get a 60-hour battery and that’s pretty awesome. The quality of plastic used for the frame feels pretty high-quality, this also makes them lightweight.

The buttons are well-placed and give good tactile feedback when clicked. There is a good amount of soft padding around the earcups of the headphones. You may notice some latency in audio while gaming but for casual music listening, they work well.

The device used Bluetooth 5.0 technology and can also be used in wired mode. The sound output is really good. Though, if the bass isn’t enough for you then all you have to do is press the BassUp button. This will make the bass more robust.

Alternative – Edifier W820BT

ANC alternative – Unigen ANC BT

Best Over-ear Studio Monitor: Samson SR950 – 8.4

Samson’s SR950 Studio Headphones combine deep low-end with clear highs. They also have a closed-back design for optimal noise isolation.

Samson SR950

Starting with the construction; the build quality of the SR950 Studio is pretty good, given the price. They aren’t made from cheap plastic and can be worn for extended periods without sacrificing comfort. In conclusion, we’d recommend these headphones for their build, styling and comfort alone.

Coming to the sound quality, it has a neutral sound signature which is ideal for producing and mixing music. At high volumes, the audio does sound a little dull. But the chances are you wouldn’t need to increase the volume to a damage-causing extent.

The closed-back design improves its passive noise isolation ability significantly and the velour earpads do the same for its comfort. The comfortable ear padding and lightweight design reduce ear fatigue. You can safely listen for hours with Samson SR950 Studio Headphones.

Alternative – OneOdio Pro-50

Best Gaming: Corsair HS45 Surround – 8.3

Easy to use, lightweight, and comfortable. A good budget gaming headset.

The Corsair HS45 has a durable and sturdy aluminium frame which is good as the first thing most people look at is the build quality. The moving parts on the headphones cause a shaking noise when you turn the earpads. The left earpiece features a dial to adjust volume as well as a port for the removable microphone. A switch-to-mute button reliably mutes and unmutes the microphone.

With straightforward controls and an included Y-splitter cable, the device is very easy to use. The company also offers different colour options. The cable is rubberized, not braided, which is fine but reduces the durability slightly. In case your device does not come with a 3.5mm port, you’d need an adapter.

And it comes with 7.1 Surround Sound. The sound signature is game-centric, so it would not be ideal to listen to normal music on these headphones. A distinctive difference in in-game sounds was audible and obvious. Tracing enemies’ footsteps became especially easy. And loud explosions sounded fuller.

This is also true with the noise-cancelling microphone, which extracts the speaker’s voice and cancels out all the background noises. Your voice won’t seem lower, nasally, or soft.

Alternative – JBL Quantum 200

Noteworthy Mentions

Crossbeats Pebble – The frame is lightweight and has a premium feel. The in-ear fit is good as well. In terms of the sound quality, the bass is quite punchy. Overall a pleasing sound signature. 24 hours is the battery’s life expectancy.

Anker Soundcore Spirit X – These sports headphones by Anker are multi-purpose and good for most uses. Build quality is above average, giving them a great feel that is way more expensive than what they’re priced. They also have a strong bass response and a nice in-ear fit, so they can be taken with you while working out.

Skullcandy Inkd Plus Active – The sound performance of the Inkd Plus Active from Skullcandy is above average. While it does sport attractive features like fast charging, 8-hour battery life and IPX4 rating. The build quality relative to the price just isn’t justifiable.

Sennheiser CX 150BT – The CX 150BT has a lightweight plastic construction with a good in-ear fit. When it comes to sound, the highs and mids are crisp and clear. But the low-end lacks some punch. The fit makes them easy to wear for extended periods. The battery life is also decent at 10 hrs.

Skullcandy Riff – This colourful budget on-ear boasts cushioned earpads, an audio profile adjusted to bass enthusiasts, with an appealing design that’s available for under ₹4000.

JBL E35 – An attractive wired on-ear device from JBL. The E35 has a comfortable design with an in-line microphone and tangle-free cable. You can also launch Google Assistant/Siri using the control button present near the mic housing.

Tribit XFree Tune – The Tribit XFree Tune in an over-ear wireless headphone. The device takes about 3 hours to fully charge and will last you 40 hours. The audio and call quality is good. The headset is comfortable with padding for the headband and earcups and foldable for easy storage. You also get a carrying case, an aux cable and a micro-USB cable. It also supports Voice Assistants.

Infinity Glide 4000 – The Infinity Glide 4000 is a lightweight, over-ear wireless headphone with a bunch of attractive features like 4 EQ modes and NFC fast pairing. It boasts a massive battery life of 50 hours.

Avantree Audition – The Avantree Audition offers 35+ hours of battery life on a single charge. It is an over-ear wireless headset that can also be used in wired mode. It has NFC fast pairing and also supports aptX codec.

Mpow H7 – The build quality of the Mpow H7 is pretty decent. It has an over-ear design and is wireless. A comfortable headset with a playtime of 15+ hours.

JBL E55BT – Commuters will love the JBL E55BT’s deep and strong bass response that will effectively drown out the ambient noise of engines and passengers.

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