Best Headphones for USB-C in India (2022 Edition)

The 3.5mm headphone jack is still king, but some headphones provide USB-C connectivity.
(Updated on January 25, 2022)

Quick Comparison






Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless angled


  • Great Sound and Calling quality

  • Large battery life

  • Active Noise Cancellation

  • Distinct design

  • Pricey

Shure AONIC 50

Shure aonic 50 angled


  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

  • Wireless and Wired connectivity

  • Removable earpads

  • Wonderful Sound quality

  • Priced high

  • Earcups don't fold

Jabra Evolve2 65 MS Wireless

Jabra Evolve2 65 MS front view


  • Excellent noise cancelling

  • Long battery life

  • Excellent microphone quality

  • Ability to connect multiple devices

  • Reasonably comfortable and stable fit

  • Weak passive noise isolation

  • Fair amount of audio leakage

1More Dual Driver ANC

1more ANC wireless in ears


  • Great sound quality

  • Active and Environment noise cancelling

  • Wireless and Wired connectivity

  • Balanced sound signature

  • Comfortable fit

  • Wired more requires battery

Razer Hammerhead ANC

Razer Hammerhead USB C ANC in ears


  • Low latency on PC and smartphones

  • Reliable build quality

  • Good sound quality

  • Mic quality is decent

  • Average ANC performance

  • Bass lacks in power

Since many smartphone manufacturers are abandoning the headphone jack, the natural switch for wired headphone users was to get a pair of wireless headphones. But since most modern devices have a USB Type-C port, you can utilize it by buying a headphone that offers a USB Type-C connection.

As we said, users prefer going for wireless options. As a result, the demand for USB Type-C devices has dropped. And the market is now stagnant. There aren’t many options that you can choose from. And the available ones aren’t all that good, at least for now.

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Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless is the Best Over-ear USB-C headphone – 8.4

The AirPods Pro is an excellent alternative to regular AirPods. You get more high-grade sound quality, an enhanced level of luxury and great noise-cancelling all be it at a higher price.

The Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless is the best USB-C. Confused? Let us explain. The Momentum 3 are primarily wireless over-the-ear or around-the-ear headphones. But if you run out of battery you can use them as a wired pair of headphones. And the wired port it used is the USB Type-C port. The construction of these headphones feels strong and high-quality, they’re also quite comfortable.

Inside the box, you’re provided with a USB-C to USB-C cable for wired connectivity. Their ability to block unwanted background noises is truly phenomenal. This is due to their active noise cancelling (ANC) characteristic. You can use them comfortably for commuting or in your workspace or if you simply want to listen to your music privately.

The sound signature is consumer-oriented meaning that they produce a powerful low-end. It suits a lot of popular music genres. Using the Sennheiser Smart Control app you can set your own personalised EQ presets. Speaking on the microphone quality, it’s not only good for making phone calls but doubles as a great recording mic.

The 17+ hours of battery backup is more than sufficient but in case you run out, you know what to do. They are relatively portable. At high volumes, you do experience an insignificant amount of sound leakage.

Another excellent pair of Over-ear headphones is the Shure AONIC 50 – 8.2

The Shure Aoninc 50 just missed the number 1 spot by a whisker. Priced few thousands lower than the Momentum 3, they’re still an exceptional pair of headphones that will shure-ly leave an impression on you. 

The Shure AONIC 50 is only of the best USB-C headphones. Just like the Momentum 3, they’re wireless over-ear headphones that can be switched to wired mode when they run out of battery juice. Though it might take a fairly long time before that happens, considering that they have 20-hour battery life.

The wired port they use is USB Type-C which qualifies them to be on this list. Though, they’re essentially Bluetooth headphones. The Shure AONIC 50 does an excellent job of blocking out unwanted background noise that to their Active noise-cancelling feature. The sound quality and stability of the connection are amazing.

You also get, what they call an ‘Environment Mode’ which lets you hear the sounds around you. This feature proves to be quite useful for commuters and runners to maintain awareness of their environment.

The construction of these headphones is phenomenal. A lot of thought was put into the design, the materials and the looks of the device. And it exhibits this supreme quality. They are over-ear so they wouldn’t hurt your ears, you can comfortably listen to music for long hours. Regrettably, they are also priced at under 30,000 rs. If you do get one, the price would justify itself.

Best Wireless On-ear: Jabra Evolve2 65 MS – 7.2

The Jabra Evolve2 65 MS is an on-ear type of headphone. They can be used wirelessly and also wired with a USB-C connection. However, unlike the Sennheiser Momentum 3 and the Shure Aonic 50, they don’t have an active noise cancellation (ANC) feature.

The Jabra Evolve2 65 are wireless on-ear headphones. The quality and durability of the build is sturdy, high-quality, feels comfortable and delivers great battery life. Their sound signature leans towards neutral or balanced. Making them quite suitable for several popular genres of music.

The audio quality of calls is equally good, you can clearly hear speech during phone calls. They have a boom mic that captures your voice precisely and relays it well on the other end. While also doing a fantastic job of filtering out the background noise and only letting your voice through.

You may have seen this coming, being on-ears the seal isn’t all that good as a result a fair amount of background noise seeps in and sound leaks as well. The earcups don’t collapse and the boom microphone can’t be detached from the body. This affects the portability of the headphones largely. Especially if you want to commute or travel with them.

Within the box, you’ll find the Soft case to carry your headphones, a USB type-A Bluetooth dongle, a USB Type-C charging cable and the user manual. The fit can be a bit tight in the beginning but it’ll loosen up after a few days of use.

Best Wireless Neckband: 1More Dual Driver ANC – 7.2

The 1More Dual Driver ANC is a great pair of neckband-style wireless in-ears. They offer two noise-cancelling modes that you can switch between and can also be used in wired mode.

Note: If you can get the 1More Dual Driver ANC Pro variant then get those instead of these.

The 1More Dual Driver ANC wireless neckband-style in-ear headphones. The earpieces magnetically attach when they’re at rest, this is quite common in neckband headphones.

Though, what’s not common is the inclusion of 2 noise cancelling modes – Active and Environmental. The latter of which is also found in realme Buds Wireless Pro and the Apple Airpods Pro.

The construction of the device is lightweight and strong. Both ends of the neckband are weighted and are covered with aluminium. The neckband itself is quite flexible, so it is easier to store and travel with, they’d even fit in your pocket.

On the left end of the neckband, you’ll find the controls, they include an on/off switch, a play/pause button, a volume rocker, a toggle to control the ANC level and Voice enhancement. This is also where you’ll find the USB-C charging port. The package comes included with a USB-C to 3.5mm cable for wired mode. Sadly, the headphones still consume battery when used in wired mode.

Though, fast charging gives you 3 hours of playtime with a 10-min charge. The overall sound quality is enjoyable. You get 2 levels of ANC and a voice enhancement mode which does exactly what its name suggest. It better optimizes the microphone to recognize your voice and focus on it when you’re on a call.

Best Wired In-ear: Razer Hammerhead ANC – 8.2

The Razer Hammerhead ANC are wired in-ears that use a USB-C port to connect to your devices. Wired connections tend to have low latency during audio transfer. They offer an Active Noise Cancelling feature that performs decently.

The Razer Hammerhead ANC is a USB Type-C wired in-ear headphones and overall they are a good pair. Though they come at quite the price. The build quality is decent and since they have a USB-C port, you can directly plug them into your devices. Also thanks to this, the audio latency is greatly reduced and you needn’t worry about battery life either.

Talking about the sound, the sound signature of these in-ears is bright. So they’re better are producing midrange or vocal frequencies and good highs. Listening to podcasts and audiobooks would be a great experience. The sound leakage is minimal, so you can listen to your audio privately.

The microphone quality is also decent. Answering phone calls wouldn’t be an amazing experience but when has it ever been.

Regrettably, bass frequencies lack a bit of punch, so popular music genres might not be suitable for it. Also, the ANC is pretty mediocre in terms of performance, though, we didn’t expect a lot to begin with. They struggle with blocking out deep sounds.

Affordable Alternative: Belkin in-Ear USB-C Headphones

The Belkin in-Ear USB-C is another wired in-ear headphone like the one mentioned above. But they’re almost one-third of the price of the Razer Hammerhead. In terms of sound quality, we find them to be slightly better at producing bass frequencies. The build is good and durable.

The main difference between them and Hammerhead is the absence of ANC. The earpieces are angled to provide a better fit and seal. And the mic or call quality is satisfactory.

Noteworthy Mentions

Google Pixel USB-C Wired Earbuds – The Google Pixel USB-C are decent wired in-ears. They are priced relatively high. Similar to the Razer and Belkin in-ears, these too have a wired USB-C cable that can be used with several devices. They provide stable in-ear fit.

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