Best Bluetooth Headphones under 500 Rs in 2022

On a tight budget? No worries.
(Updated on January 25, 2022)

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Key Features



PTron Tangent Lite

Ptron Tanglent Lite


  • Playback of ~6 hrs; 1.5 Hours Charging Time

  • In-line remote control button

  • Bluetooth 5.0; 10m Wireless Range

  • Passive Noise Cancelation

  • Micro USB charging cable included

Techfire HBS 730

Techfire HBS 730


  • Bluetooth 4.1

  • Decent Sound and Mic quality

  • Compatible with all devices

  • Ergonomic design; comfortable fit

SBA999 A013

SBA999 A013 scaled


  • Average Noise Isolation

  • Magnetic locking earpieces

  • Tangle-free cable

  • Individual Music and Call control buttons

Alright, so you are looking for a pair of Bluetooth headphones, great. Under 500 rupees? Noted. Let me begin by saying that when it comes to looking for a pair of Bluetooth headphones, the most important factor for most people, including us, is the battery life of the device.

And the price of the headphones will reflect that.

So when working with a tight budget such as this, we recommend always going for a wired set of headphones.

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Why? Because with budget Bluetooth models, manufacturers tend to sacrifice a lot of things like the materials used in the build, sound quality, etc. just for being able to claim then as Bluetooth devices. This ultimately results in the final product having a below-average overall quality.

You may find that products like these don’t tend to last long and break easily. If you understand the risk associated with it then let’s continue.

The PTron Tangent Lite is the Most Solid Pair Overall – 6.9

Best Bluetooth Headphones under 500 Rs

A new contender that occasionally comes down in price and one that absolutely crushes its competition at this price segment. If you’re lucky you may catch the deal.

The Positives

Now, something that becomes clear, is the quality of material used on the build, which was of much higher quality than the ones used on the devices that follow after it.

Being relatively lightweight, with a neckband design that sits comfortably on your neck. It boasts about having Bluetooth version 5.0 which simply means that the range of the connectivity increases(up to ~10m).

On a full charge, the headphones may last from 5-6 hours give or take half an hour. A microphone with individual buttons for volume control alongside the play/pause button, which is always a welcome addition.

Ergonomically, a comfortable pair and one that has angled earpieces with metal housing for its drivers, magnetic back to prevent unnecessary dangling, with a charge time of just under 2 hours.

The Negatives

This is where your luck comes in, these pair of headphones may go up in price or may even go lower, it’s unpredictable as it changes.

Overuse of the PTron logo may bother some people.

The Sound

It was pretty much what was expected, the drivers being small, struggle with providing solid, consistent bass but still decent. As for the Treble(highs) and Vocals(mids), they perform on the same frequency which is near flat. Which in conclusion makes this a bass-focused sound signature.

The headphones provide passive noise cancellation which makes a noticeable difference in the audio output. The audio capturing quality of the mic is exceptional when indoors and fares moderately when outdoors, ignoring background noises.

Undeniably Durable and Stylish: Techfire HBS 730 – 6.3

Techfire HBS 730

You will find this pair of headphones sold under various names and one of them is the Hug Puppy Scooby and there are many more. I mean, who are they trying to fool? So go for whichever is available or cheaper.

The Positives

Let’s start with the build quality; well the material used is plastic and rubber. The case holding the earpieces is made of plastic and this is also where the control buttons are located. The earpiece housing is also made from plastic. The wire connected to the earpieces is adjustable.

The device is surprisingly well packed with dedicated controls for volume +/-, play/pause button, a forward/rewind button, and an On/Off switch. Feedback from these buttons is sufficient.

The neckband is made out of rubber which is expected as it provides flexibility, comfort, and improves durability, and thus is capable of maintaining its form.

Eartips are quite comfortable and soft.

The Negatives

The charging cable is too short.

They don’t come with different sizes of eartips to choose from so you have to stick with the ones you get.

The Sound

This is another pair that is supposed to provide a bass-rich experience but fails to do so. The Bass(lows) is more amplified when compared to the Vocals(mids) and Treble(highs) but not to the degree which we were expecting. The sound signature could’ve been better.

As for the mic’s performance, average at best. Speech is understandable, indoors. When it’s outdoors the background noise seeps through.

If you want to spend as little as possible, Choose SBA999 A013 – 5.7

SBA999 A013 scaled

A simple and minimalist pair of in-ears that provide the essentials for a competitive price.

The Positives

Build quality; metal housings for the drivers which are sturdy and yet lightweight. The earpieces also have magnets so when you aren’t using them they’ll attach and stay on your neck as a convenient alternative for the lack of a neckband.

Comfortable and soft eartips that give a snug fit in the ear.

An in-line microphone with multiple control buttons for volume control, switching tracks and for playing/pausing music.

The battery life lasts around 3 hrs but may vary based on usage.

The Negatives

The control buttons sometimes tend to do the opposite of what was intended.

They don’t provide different sized eartips.

Doesn’t come with a USB cable for charging so you’d have to use your own.

The Sound

It has a V-shaped sound signature, meaning that the Bass(lows) and Treble(highs) are amplified or boosted, whereas the Vocals(mids) are given second preference. This along with passive noise isolation produces a fantastic audio output. The only thing that you hear is the music and almost no outside noise that may break your rhythm.

We wish the mic offered the same quality, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. There is always a slight crackle in the speech that’s picked up and it only gets worse outdoors. The audio captured indoors is understandable but in the case of outdoors, there is little to no background noise reduction.

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Why are there so few Devices?

At this price range, there aren’t many devices that offer value for your money. The reason being the limited budget that we have to work with, both for you, as the consumer, and them as the manufacturer.

Why do we recommend going for Wired Headphones for this Price Range?

So why go wired headphones over wireless?

Like I said before when manufacturers make Bluetooth products for this price segment they tend to make a lot of sacrifices on the build quality and simply focus on offering Bluetooth devices.

Since wired headphones aren’t meant to have this feature, they can spend that extra cash on improving the sound quality and build quality.


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