1More Piston Fit vs JBL C100SI – Comparison Review

Is this the right fit?
(Updated on September 15, 2021)

Quick Comparison



Common Features

Key Features


1More Piston Fit

1more piston fit earpieces


  • Angled earpiece design

  • In-line microphone with control button

  • Bass focused sound

  • Better audio drivers

  • More solid materials used


Jbl c100si black earpieces


  • Angled earpiece design

  • In-line microphone with control button

  • Bass and Highs(V-shaped) focused sound

  • Sleek earpiece design

  • Priced somewhat lower

1More Piston Fit vs JBL C100SI

Ever wondered which is better than the other? Here is the answer to that question. The competition between these two has been around for a while and today we are going to narrow down into what each device offers, all of its features and flaws, and finally crown a winner.

JBL is distinctly known around the world for its exceptional quality and thus is considered a reputable brand so how does 1More compete against this and how are they doing it? That’s exactly what you’re going to find out.

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Hardware & Build Quality

1more piston fit earpieces

The 1More Piston Fit drivers, for the most part, are protected by the Aluminium alloy body enclosing and supporting the aerospace-grade titanium drivers.

This not only makes the in-ear headphone ultra-lightweight but also durable at the same time. This also takes a bit of weight off your mind, making you worry less about potential damage.

The aluminium casings help control inside vibration and sound distortion.

Besides that, the inside of the cable has flexible copper wrapped in Kevlar fiber, a feature that is unheard of at this price segment thus improving its durability.

What you’ll soon notice about the JBL C100SI in-ear headphone, is the material used on the buds, which really is undeniably plastic with a scratch-resistant coating, offering above-average defence against damage but gets the job done.

The JBL cable doesn’t boast any features that make it stand out.

Winner: 1More Piston Fit

Looks & Design

1more piston fit with mic and jack

Aesthetic factors on the devices are well thought of and it shows. As soon as you first glance at either of them.

The 1More Piston Fit and JBL C100SI both look great. Now it depends on the kind of look you are going for; the former looks more rugged and retro due to its similarity to the way bullets look and the latter, sleek and high-end.

The 1More in-ears also comes in 4 colours (Pink, Teal, Space Grey, Silver) and the JBL in-ears offers 3 colourways (White, Black, Red). Both of these devices offer various colours for you to choose from, to suit your style, showing that the manufacturers understand their audience.

The 1More logo is engraved into the aluminium housing at the back of the headphone, making it permanent or at least hard to remove. Whereas, the JBL logo is simply printed onto the headphone that will disappear after a year of consistent use.

Winner: 1More Piston Fit

Connectivity & Fit

Jbl c100si black earpieces

The eartips on both in-ear devices are angled that provide a comfortable and particularly stable fit, capable of withstanding any daily activity. As we worked our way down the cable of the 1More in-ears and the JBL in-ears, both devices were equipped with a mic and 3.5mm audio jack.

In the case of the audio jack, the JBL device offers a gold-plated audio jack that slightly decreases the connection delay(not noticeable by our ears), which is favoured. And so, does the 1More in-ear headphone.

But the main reason for gold plating audio jacks is to prevent corrosion. This plating greatly improves the durability of the audio jack.

Nickel-plated audio jacks are often found with cracks in them after using them for a long time. It’s a good practice for headphone manufacturers to add gold plating to their devices’ audio jacks.

Winner: Draw

Sound Quality

Jbl c100si white earpieces

We believe that when it comes to in-ear headphones, proper fit is one of the decisive factors in getting the best sound possible.

The snug fit improves noise reduction, giving you, the listener, a sound experience with nothing but the audio that they want to listen to and minimal leakage.

The titanium drivers within the 1More in-ears offer a greater emphasis on Bass(lows) and then to Midrange(mids) and Treble(highs).

Here the JBL in-ears offer a ‘v-shaped’ sound signature. It emphasizes High and Low frequencies the most and then prioritizes the Mids. Most modern music genres such as EDM, Hip hop, etc. complement this sound signature.

Both in-ears provide you with an uninterrupted audio experience so that you wouldn’t have to keep pretending that you can’t hear people, rather, you just won’t hear them.

Winner: JBL C100SI

Microphone Quality

Jbl c100si earpieces with mic and jack

Both in-ears have an in-line microphone present. Consisting of a single universal control button that gives a responsive click and can be used to play/pause the audio, and switch between tracks and answer calls.

The audio picked up by the mics when speaking into it, is of fairly good quality when used in a noisy environment but is clear otherwise. Background noises that are picked up are to a minimum.

It may lack some of the detail but is quite easy to understand. Thus, both in-ears fare equally when it comes to microphone quality.

The key distinction being, the mic follows the right ear cable on the 1More device. Whereas on the JBL device the mic is observed connecting both the left and right cable at an intersection.

Winner: 1More Piston Fit

What’s in the Box?

Eartip sizes

At this price point, we didn’t expect much, nonetheless, both devices provide 3 varied sizes (small, medium & large) of soft eartips. And that’s the only accessory within the box.

They do not come with a pouch to store your headphones.

Our Conclusion

JBL C100SI left earpiece with eartips

Certainly, 1More Piston Fit is a better alternative to the JBL C100SI. They are an upgrade that may be priced slightly higher than the JBL in-ears but is well worth the money, making it a complete steal.

That’s not to say that the JBL in-ears aren’t a great pair of in-ear headphones but this time the odds are in the favour of the 1More in-ear headphones.

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JBL T110

jbl t110


  • Bass oriented sound

  • Tangle free wire

  • Affordable pricing

  • Lightweight

  • Angled, gold-plated audio jack

  • Lacking in Mids/Vocal performance

  • Mic is above average







jbl c200si


  • Rich Bass

  • Active noise cancellation Mic

  • V-shaped sound signature

  • Lightweight

  • Gold-plated audio jack

  • Straight audio jack

  • Cable gets tangled